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By Valeo FC Girls Program, 10/03/17, 1:15PM EDT


Valeo FC Seminar Series

Newton, MA — Your daughter has been playing soccer since age 5. She joined a club soccer program when she was 8. She has a true passion for the game and has developed significantly as a player over the years both from a technical as well as a cognitive standpoint.

Now as a family you’re thinking about college, and your daughter wants to explore playing at that level. But there’s a big problem. As a parent, you have no idea where to begin or who to turn to. You ask other parents and your daughter talks to her friends about the college process, but it only makes you feel more overwhelmed and confused.

We can help. The Valeo FC Girls program is designed to develop elite female soccer players, through a curriculum of discipline, self-confidence, self-empowerment, leadership and teamwork. For many of our young female athletes, the dream is to play at the collegiate level and perhaps even professionally. So here at Valeo FC, we not only help our athletes develop the necessary skillsets to compete at the college level, we also believe it’s an important part of our mission to help our Valeo families gain a clear understanding of the various pathways to playing collegiate soccer.

What’s more, the Valeo FC Girls program is fully staffed with people who have experience as collegiate soccer players and coaches, and they all know the college recruiting process to a “T.” In fact, two-thirds of our Newton girls coaching staff is made up of current college coaches, including:

Brian Leighton – MIT

Katie Schoepfer – College of the Holy Cross

Katy LaBella – Wheaton College

Jason Silva – Curry College

Over the winter, Valeo FC will be presenting a series of seminars for parents and players to start to think about the college recruiting process. Topics of discussion will include:

  • I want to play in college but I don’t know where or how to start.
  • How do I get noticed as a player?
  • If I want to reach out to a specific coach/school. How do I go about it? What do I write/say?
  • What is an ideal time to start the college selection process?
  • If I am a junior, is it too late for me?
  • Do grades impact my college selection even if I want to play a college sport?
  • What do colleges look for in players?

We will release the seminar schedule later this fall. If your daughter is interested in the college soccer experience, please join us for these important and informative events.