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Valeo Takes Home IberCup 2017!

07/07/2017, 3:45pm EDT
By Valeo FC
What a trip it was for Valeo Futbol Club, as we traveled back from IberCup with a championship trophy for the U16's, as well as three others who qualified for the semifinals in their respective brackets. Valeo teams that traveled to Spain were given the special opportunity to compete against teams from all around the world. The club was one of only two American teams that participated in the tournament this year and made plenty of noise along the way. IberCup hosted a total of seven Valeo teams ranging from the 2007-2001 age groups, all of whom put on a thrilling spectacle throughout the tournament.
All seven teams successfully advanced from the group stage, with an impressive cumulative record of 19 wins, 2 draws, and 6 losses. Furthermore, the 2001 boys went undefeated throughout the four-day event, ultimately leading them to raise the Cup on Saturday afternoon in front of several hundred spectators. The atmosphere was electric for 90 minutes, as they dominated FC Perafita of Portugal through possession of the ball and ultimately dictating the tempo of the match. The fans saw our club display an attractive style of play that was consistent among all of our age groups.
IberCup also provided our players with the opportunity to gain exposure overseas by competing at a high level against international clubs, as well as an accurate look at where Valeo stands in comparison to other elite teams around the world.The VFC players showed a level of skill, perseverance, and respect that made the whole club proud, and we would like to congratulate all teams who participated in IberCup. Well done boys!
Below, you will be able to view pictures and videos of the boys as they enjoyed their time on and off the field in Spain, including full coverage of the 2001 Championship Match!

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