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IberCup Portugal A Success! Next, IberCup Spain!

12/30/2016, 10:15am EST
By Valeo FC

Valeo FC boys return from competing at IberCup in Estoril, Portugal.

IberCup is one of the most prestigious youth soccer tournaments in the world. Teams from professional clubs such as Sevilla F.C. (Spain), PSG (France), and Sporting Lisbon (Portugal) were among some of the many professional clubs which attended IberCup. Teams from 32 countries were represented and the eventual champions were from 3 different continents. 

Valeo FC had one team entered in each of the 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002 age groups. All teams made it through to the qualifying rounds. The 2005s and 2003s made it to the 1st round of playoffs, and the 2004s and 2002s made it to the quarter finals. The overall level of competition was unmatched by any tournament we had participated in the US.  Our teams performed well, and we are proud of what the boys achieved.  The boys learned what it is like to compete against international teams with different playing styles. 

The boys traveled to games together on one bus, ate together in the communal cafeteria, shared free time together on the beach and at the pool, and came together as a spirited team, rooting for one another and filled with Valeo pride.   

Events like IberCup showcase some of the most talented players from around the world which allows our players and coaches to measure themselves against the best. Overall it was an incredible experience at all levels; soccer, social, venues, atmosphere, location, etc. 

We look forward to going back to IberCup in Portugal and pursuing other opportunities in Europe. A group will be traveling to Portugal in the next few weeks to train with C.F. Os Belenenses, one of the oldest clubs in Portugal.  Another trip is scheduled for December to Spain to train with top clubs in Spain.

Iber Cup Slide Show

Video Link #1

To see a video of the Valeo FC U13 game vs. Sevilla FC, click the link below

Video Link #2

To see a video of the Opening Ceremonies of the Iber Cup, click the link below.

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