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FutbolGives Kicks Off

By Valeo Futbol Staff, 12/09/19, 4:00PM EST


(Thursday, September 5th) FutbolGives is a new initiative under the Valeo Futbol Club (VFC) umbrella that will offer members of the soccer community a platform to make small differences in the world. It will seek to harness the high level of engagement in the Valeo community and use it to increase opportunities for the less fortunate, enhance perspectives, and demonstrate the important role soccer plays in enhancing quality of life.

For the founders of VFC, who grew up economically disadvantaged, it was in youth sports where they learned important life skills like self-discipline and hard work. VFC was created with firsthand knowledge of the difference that sports can make in one’s life and a desire to pass these lessons on to the next generation.

The first major purchase made by Valeo was a 1996 Dodge Caravan bought for $495 (+ tax). It was known as the “Clubhouse” before the construction of the facility at Wells Avenue in Newton, MA. Valeo only had two teams at this time and since then, with the efforts of the dedicated community surrounding it, has grown to include over 88 teams, a girls program, and branches across New England, in Jamaica, Cape Verde, and Portugal. Having grown in scale and influence, Valeo is pleased to be able to be in the position to help provide opportunities to those with similar dreams.

Valeo Futbol Club (VFC) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit sports education and training organization focused on developing competitive athletes, outstanding citizens and strong leaders. FutbolGives is a program that will continue in this spirit. The club believes charity and giving are central to the idea of personal development. FutbolGives will contribute to the VFC mission, allowing our players and their families a chance to engage with the global soccer community and experience first hand the difference that giving and selflessness can make.

Visit to learn more about the new initiative.