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About Valeo Futsal Club

Why Valeo Futsal?

Valeo Futsal Club aims to develop top futsal players by providing an environment that encourages technical development, tactical thought,  and passion for the game.  

Valeo Futsal continues the excellence in player development that Valeo Futbol Club has to offer. We strive to provide the best futsal development for committed and ambitious players. Our experienced staff offer a unique perspective for athletes to learn the game. 

Generating Success

Valeo Futsal Club’s program provides an environment where players can be creative, learn to improvise, and use their abilities to challenge each other. Our staff of professional futsal coaches promote technical skills such as: ball manipulation, first touch, 1v1 dribbling, passing, aerial control, shooting, player and team movement, and overall intelligence of the game. We encourage players to become more agile, faster, and have better balance while controlling the ball. 

The Valeo Futsal coaching staff consists of former professional and collegiate players, that have experience playing and coaching futsal at the highest level. Our staff bring a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge that provide a unique learning opportunity for players. Our goal is to develop players to have success on the futsal court, build skills that give players' confidence on the soccer field, and become passionate about the game.

Program Options

The Valeo Futsal Club will run from mid November to mid March. Players can register for one of the following programs: Valeo Futsal Elite and Valeo Futsal Advanced.

Both programs will have training twice a week and one league match per week. Our Elite Program will travel to compete in two regional tournaments with the goal of advancing to the national tournament!

Valeo Futsal Club Programs

Matt Gilmore

Matt Gilmore

Futsal Coordinator

Brian Leighton

Brian Leighton

Girls Director