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VALEO FUTBOL ACADEMY’s mission is to provide the best soccer development environment for committed, ambitious players that are passionate about the game. VALEO aims to develop players that can excel at the State, Regional, National and International level. We strive to provide a challenging and rewarding environment that is conducive to developing creative players and outstanding coaches, to teach the art (and science) of the game while fostering a passion for the game. Our goal is to prepare our athletes to be leaders both on and off the field.
"Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail!" -- Join us and experience the difference.

VALEO strives to create a culture of hard work, passion and above all a commitment to excellence. Our professional coaches and trainers provide comprehensive training programs to teach players skills and tactical awareness with emphasis on passion for the game and having fun. Our focus is to build both the mental and physical skills of the game, while preparing our players to be not only competitive athletes, but also better citizens.


/Be committed!  (to the team, teammates, self improvement, excellence, etc.)

/Work hard. Play harder! (At some point hard work will surpass talent)

/What you put in is what you get out!

/Competition is fun! (The fun of competition, should always out-weigh the pressure of competition)

/Be prepared! (Pressure is what you feel, when you are ill prepared)

/There is no such thing as too skillful, too technical, too smart, too strong, etc.

/Everyone wants to win. But very few are willing to do what it takes to win.

/Being successful is a choice.


/Exposing players to variety of coaching and playing styles (Latin American, European, etc)

/Development of a training environment that is intense yet fun, challenging yet rewarding

/Participation in structured and unstructured training session

/Emphasis on being creative, taking risks, etc

/Provision of constant challenges to players (i.e playing against bigger stronger, more skillful opponents

/A religious focus on improving technical, tactical, mental and physical speed

/Building unshakeable confidence through a foundation of hard work



The VALEO development process emphasizes the following player qualities:

/Aggressive offensively
/Disciplined and patient defensively
/Tactically intelligent
/Technically proficient
/Focused and mentally strong
/Respect for the game
/Love of competition
/Committed to the team
/Equal Blend of  “Artist” and “Soldier”