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Welcome to our Valeo state­-of­-the­ art Performance Enhancement Futbol Lab at our Newton facility!

We have worked with some of the top minds in the athletic performance industry to create individualized programs for our athletes given their specific needs. We are committed to providing the best environment for overall player development, and with the constantly evolving physical requirements needed to compete in soccer, the implementation of our program will allow our players the best possible opportunity to stay healthy and improve their performance.
Housed in the Valeo Sports Center, the Valeo Futbol Lab provides soccer-specific skill development, human performance, health and wellness programs, and facilities where players can work on maximizing their athletic performance while improving their skill in the sport.

Our Futbol Lab is operated by Goodridge Strength and Conditioning; a world renowned game changer in the field of athletic performance and character development. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to improve the total athlete, on and off the field, so that you can gain an advantage over the competition. We provide programs for all levels and ages. Our integrated programs focus on individual specific pre­hab, range of motion, activation, reactive drills, speed, power, strength, and energy system development. The development programs are pinpointed for long term athletic development. The development programs consist of an INTRODUCTORY level, FOUNDATIONAL level, ADVANCED level, and PERFORMANCE level.


The goal of the introductory level of youth athletic development is to learn fundamental movement skills. This movement based program focuses on basic functional movements such as hinge­ing, squatting, pulling, pressing, planking, and crawling, as well as, athletic movements such as landing, jumping, running, turning, and cutting, to name a few.


The goal of the foundational level of youth athletic development is to learn basic soccer-specific athletic movements and all soccer specific skills. This athletic movement based program focuses on learning the true way to transfer energy specific to soccer such as single leg landing, bouncing, rotating, and many other explosive movements.


The goal of the advanced level of youth athletic development is to master sport specific athletic movements and continue to build sport-specific skills. We spend more time working on an individualized program to maximize potential. This includes more speed, agility, plyometric, power, strength, and energy systems work.


At the performance level, we use science to give our athletes the competitive advantage. We have worked with some of the brightest and innovative minds in the world of sports science. The goal of a sports science program is to minimize and reduce the risk of injury and illness. Sports science allows coaches and athletes to take the guessing out of programming and periodization. The body adapts to the stress that is applied to it and sports science technology gives a very accurate way to measure these stresses which lead to better injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Take your game to the next level at our Performance Enhancement Futbol Lab.




BOYS 8-18

WED 6:00-7:00PM Valeo Sports Center Malcolm Goodridge

GIRLS 8-18

WED 5:00-6:00PM Valeo Sports Center Malcolm Goodridge


/Sports Performance Coordinator

Sports Performance Coordinator

Malcolm is passionate, committed, and knowledgeable. Throughout his coaching career, he has been a leader, role model, and mentor to thousands of clients ranging from youth and adult fitness to collegiate and professional athletes.
Malcolm has developed an extensive knowledge of health and performance from some of the world’s top professionals, institutions, and performance facilities. 

Malcolm has worked alongside distinguished Dr. Mike Reinold previously athletic trainer of the Boston Red Sox and physical therapist for world-renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews, collaborated with strength and conditioning leaders such as Mike Boyle of USA Hockey and coaches from sports performance pioneers EXOS (previously Athletes' Performance). Malcolm's mentors include Erwin Valencia, the Director of

Training and Conditioning for the New York Knicks as well as Tony Strudwick the Head of Performance for Manchester United. 

Along with the guidance and expertise of professional coaches in multiple sports, Malcolm has developed one of the most unique and dynamic player development programs in the country with unparalleled views towards biomechanics and skill instruction. 

Malcolm has been involved in performance enhancement and athletics for over ten years and continuously travels the world to learn and consult some of the brightest leaders in sports medicine, sports performance, and sports science.