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    Fall Season Training Schedule

    Fall Season Training Begins Monday August 24th. Please check the calendar on the home page or on your team page for more information about your team's practice schedule and other upcoming events.

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    5:00 - 6:30pm Boys U8 (until 6:15 - indoors) Boys U12 Boys U9-U10 Boys U12 Girls U11
    Boys U9-U10 Girls U11 (indoors) Girls U14 Girls U14
    Girls U12 Girls U9-U10 (indoors)
    6:30 - 8:00pm Boys U11 Boys U13-U14 Boys U11 Boys U13-U14 Girls U12-U13
    Girls U9-U10 (indoors) Girls U13 (indoors)

    Upcoming Events

    August 29 - August 30 
    NEFC Fall Kickoff Tournament: Lancaster, MA
    Boys U10 Elite; Boys U10 Premier; Boys U11 Premier; Boys U12 Elite Atletico; Boys U14 Premier; Boys U10 Boston, Boys U10 Somerville

    September 4 - September 6
    Lou Ramos Tournament:  Allentown, PA
    Boys U11 Elite; Boys U11 Premier; Boys U12 Elite Atletico; Boys U13 Elite; Boys U14 Elite

    FC Stars Cup Labor Day Tournament:  Boston, MA
    Boys U10 Elite; Boys U13 Premier; Girls U11 Spirit; Girls U12 Flash; Girls U12 Red Stars; Girls U13 Dash; Girls U14 Reign Elite; Boys U13 Somerville

    September 5 - September 6
    Abbey Villa SC Labor Day Tournament
    Boys U12 Premier Bayern; Boys U12 Select Borussia; Boys U13 Select-A; Boys U12 Somerville